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Pressure screen maintenance

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During the application of the pressure screen, scaling phenomenon is caused by factors such as process water, calcium and magnesium hardness, PH value, conductivity, total basicity and temperature, which causes the following hazards: Stop cleaning, increase maintenance cost and additional labor load; 2. Causing paper disease and affecting product quality; 3. Increase chemical consumption and pollution load; 4. Causing production accidents and reducing equipment life; Increase energy loss. The traditional repair methods include chemical cleaning of stop machine, high-pressure water cleaning of stop machine, addition of scale inhibitor, manual machine cleaning, disassembly and replacement of stop machine, etc., but they are time-consuming and laborious, and the repair effect is not satisfactory. In view of the above problems, most advanced maintenance methods abroad use electronic scale removal equipment to solve. Compared with traditional maintenance methods, dekoller electronic scale remover is more excellent in operation restriction, prevention of pipe scale formation, rust prevention and bacteria prevention. Meanwhile, it costs less and does not pollute the environment and water quality.

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